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Tracked Machine with Crane

Tracked Machine with Crane

日本黄色一级视频,日本黄色视频大全 & Sons Ltd can offer a tracked machine with a mounted crane and loading deck which offers a high lift capacity to low weight ratio making it an extremely rugged, compact and versatile piece of equipment for off-road lifting projects. The Hitachi CG110D Morooka type tracked machine is equipped with a PM85027SP+J1416.20 Hiab type crane capable of 14,650kg at 4m radius to 675kg at 31m and a loading deck to allow goods to be carried.

Equipped with 6 hydraulic stabiliser legs and numerous high-performance outrigger pads giving all lifts the maximum support and lowest ground loadings for the toughest and most complex lifting operations. The rubber tracks and hydrostatic drive allows for a low ground pressure ratio, reduced ground compaction and excellent traction making it ideal for use in soft ground conditions and steep inclines to access a variety of location not accessible by conventional lorry loaders/hiabs such as wind farms, off road antenna site and solar farms.

日本黄色一级视频,日本黄色视频大全 & Sons Ltd

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